SlimeCraft 1.19 Java and Bedrock (Possibly the best server in the world)

Play from 1.9 to 1.19.4

SlimeCraft allows playing from versions 1.9 to 1.19.4, providing a 24/7 and lag-free experience. It features the latest version of Minecraft with the new generation of caves.

Get machines, new tools, weapons, and special armors

With SlimeFun, acquire machines, new tools, weapons, special armors, backpacks, elevators, and more than 1000 special items. More than 250 new OP enchantments are available as well.

Quests and Rewards

There are many missions that will provide epic rewards.

In-Game Support

In-game staff and tutorials are available to assist.

Dungeons and Bosses

Dungeons and bosses are featured for players to test their new weapons.

Stores with vanilla and custom items

Stores are equipped with vanilla and custom items.

Protections of all sizes

Protections of all sizes are available to play alone or with friends.

Earn Money and Stats

Earn money while playing and further increase your statistics.

PvP Arena

A PvP arena is in place for battles.

Events and Giveaways

Events and giveaways are frequently organized.

Join Our Discord

Join the SlimeCraft Discord for spoilers and updates.

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