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Welcome to SemiSurvivalCraft a Cross-Platform Semi Vanilla Survival Minecraft server.

The server offers a vibrant and active community, without imposing server resets. The server accommodates both Java and Bedrock versions of Minecraft and empowers players to join using any device.

Aiming to deliver a top-tier Semi Vanilla Survival Minecraft experience, support is provided with additional protections and comforts.

Gameplay Information

SemiSurvivalCraft offers Semi Vanilla Minecraft, multiple Sethomes, and land claims. A random teleport feature and free vote ranks are also included. The server operates on hard mode with large biome generation, and no economy plugins.

The server supports Vivecraft: this means Minecraft VR Server players are invited. Crossplay is enabled for Java and Bedrock players. The server does not issue resets but expands the border for new chunk or terrain generation.

Server Details

SemiSurvivalCraft has been online for over two years and has welcomed more than 50,000 players. Here are some key information:

  • Server Name: Semi Survival Craft
  • Website: https://www.semisurvivalcraft.com
  • Discord: https://www.semisurvivalcraft.com/discord

Instructions on how to connect can be found on the server's website:

  • Java - https://www.semisurvivalcraft.com/#connect-java
  • Windows 10 & Mobile - https://www.semisurvivalcraft.com/#connect-bedrock
  • Xbox & Nintendo Switch - https://www.semisurvivalcraft.com/#connect-other

Version Supported: 1.9 -> 1.20.*

Server Rules

Players are encouraged to follow these rules:

  • Respect others and avoid excessive vulgarity. English should be spoken in public chat.
  • Cheats or Hacked Clients are not allowed.
  • Excessively Laggy Builds, such as Chunkloaders or Ultra Large farms/sorters, are not permitted.
  • No Ads, CAPS, Spam, Racism, Politics, Religion, and similar content.
  • Looting is allowed on unclaimed land, but griefing is not.
  • No TP Trap Killing is allowed (killing players after they teleport to you).

Play on Java Minecraft through play.semisurvivalcraft.com. For Bedrock accounts, Windows 10, Mobile, Console, etc., use the same website with Port 19132.

Need Help? Join the Discord community: https://semisurvivalcraft.com/discord.

Thanks for playing SemiSurvivalCraft!

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Semi Survival Craft
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