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Renatus Network hosts a wide variety of game modes to choose from, including:

🚀 Creative

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🏃‍♂️ Parkour

🏹 Survival

And there's more coming soon! The Network offers top-quality game modes seen in their Battlegrounds and Parkour experiences.

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Renatus poses the question: Are you ready to take your parkour and speedrunning skills to the next level? With over 400+ levels, including iconic ones like Rainbow, Rocky, and Dungeon, Renatus' unique Infinite Parkour and racing feature will provide an adventure like no other.


Ascendance is an exhilarating open world free-roam map built for an ultimate parkour experience. The map filled with over 50+ levels—from the towering skyscrapers of Formed Metropolis to the abandoned Bleeding Well—tests skill and agility. Devil's Tower, a towering structure, pushes parkour abilities to their absolute limits. Exploration and rewards are endless in Ascendance.

Infinite Parkour

Infinite Parkour feature lets the player push the parkour limits for as long as possible without falling. For every two jumps, one earns 1 coin, which can unlock a wide variety of cosmetics such as hats, colors, and wings. The longer you parkour, the more coins you'll earn, and the more cosmetics you'll be able to unlock.


The Racing feature takes the fun up a notch where one can race against other players on custom-designed tracks, placing bets to make the race more challenging and thrilling. The winner earns coins.

The Levels

The levels at Renatus Network are both challenging and visually stunning; each level presents a new challenge. There are over 400+ levels to master.

The Community

Renatus Network features a friendly community of parkour and speedrunning enthusiasts from all over the world. This community fosters growth and improvement in parkour and speedrunning abilities.


In the mood for an ultimate PvP experience? Introducing Battlegrounds, the newest and most exciting KitPvP gamemode. With over 20+ unique champions, each with special abilities and power-ups, the battlefield is open for domination.

Unique Champions and Abilities

With champions that can be leveled up, unlocking more powerful abilities and power-ups, you're in for a dynamic game. And with over 6+ maps to choose from, the action never gets old.


Every 30 minutes, a domination event takes place, where players fight for control of a specific point on the map. Rewards include XP and Coins.

Become Legend

Join today for true PvP like never before, with over 20+ unique champions, new experiences await you.

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