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Rediscover Minecraft with PrismaCraft

A Fresh New World for Discovery

PrismaCraft paves the way for Minecraft enthusiasts to enjoy a brand new world brimming with unique content. It proves itself to be a community-focused towny server that offers a perfect place for players to put down roots, build, play, and grind. The server features a diverse selection of plugins that curate a comfortable yet challenging, quasi-vanilla experience complete with RPG elements. PrismaCraft provides a cozy little home within a lovely community for every player.

Custom Enchantments

PrismaCraft significantly prioritizes custom enchantments. What sets them apart from other servers is the feasibility of obtaining these enchantments through regular Minecraft mechanics.

Boss Battles

Players can challenge and defeat potent mobs in arenas to secure valuable crafting materials.

Talismans and EcoSkills

Craft Talismans on PrismaCraft to augment XP gain and enhance fundamental Minecraft functions. The server also offers modified default skills and fully original skills for players to discover and grind.

Job Opportunities

PrismaCraft currently provides 13 jobs for players to level up and boost their income.

Exclusive Cosmetics

Players have the opportunity to acquire unique cosmetics and pets via the crate system.

Land Claiming and Grief Prevention

PrismaCraft employs towny for land claiming and grief prevention for a smoother, safer gaming experience.

Economy Features

Shopping mostly takes place in player warps, the auction house, and chest shops. PrismaCraft's /Warp Mall hosts rare items like furniture and hats!

Player vs Player (PVP)

PvP is 100% optional on PrismaCraft, occurring through optional towny wars or PvP arenas.

In-Game Ranks

Players have the opportunity to rise in the ranks using the money earned from jobs. Rising in ranks unlocks more commands and perks like kits, player vaults, and extra homes.

Custom Texture Pack

PrismaCraft boasts a custom texture pack that embellishes the game with unique items like furniture, clothing, mobs, tools, and weapons.

Boat Race Plugin

Experience the thrill of boat racing on PrismaCraft with the option of timed trials and competing against other players.

And Much More

With over 90 plugins, PrismaCraft ensures an enriching gaming environment, offering an array of features that couldn't possibly be listed completely. PrismaCraft eagerly awaits the arrival of new players!

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