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Experience a Unique Blend of Minecraft and Pokemon at PokeHub

The Official Home for Pokemon Enthusiasts in Minecraft

PokeHub is a dedicated server in the Minecraft: Java Edition ecosystem that offers players a delightful combination of their favorite sandbox gameplay and Pokemon universe. It represents the only official storefront for this uniquely-themed network.

Embark on a New Adventure with Cobblemon

Experience immersive gameplay on our Minecraft Cobblemon server. We offer an unmatched gaming experience that perfectly merges the limitless potential of the sandbox with the cherished world of Pokemon. As a player, you can delve into a wide-ranging virtual world, brimming with pixelated adaptations of your beloved Pokemon. You can engage in capturing and training them to participate in heated battles against other players.

Dive into Diverse Game Modes and Custom Plugin

PokeHub is not just about combining Minecraft and Pokemon; it goes beyond. Offering diverse game modes along with custom plugins, the server furthers the gaming pleasure.

Join Our Thriving Community

PokeHub prides itself on being a community-driven network. With countless fun-seeking gamers, you're assured of endless entertainment and learning opportunities. Fans of both Minecraft and Pokemon will surely find something to their liking!

Important Links and Recommendations

You can always join our server through the IP: play.pokehub.org, and if you want to be part of our community conversations, head over to our Discord!

For an unparalleled gaming experience, we suggest using our special modpack: https://bit.ly/install-cobblemo.

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PokeHub Cobblemon
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