Minecraft Server Versions


It is available in version 1.1.0.

Sky Factory 4

The 4.2.2 version is provided.

FTB Revelation

The server presents version 3.4.0.

All The Mods 3 Lite

It provides version 3.1.2.


It comes in version 1.0.1.

StoneBlock 2

The server offers versions 1.16.0/1.16.1.

FTB Ultimate Reloaded

Known as FTB Sky Odyssey.

A Bit Of Everything

This server runs version 3.6.6.

Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles

The available version is V 8.0 R1.

Crackpack 3 MC

The Eternal version on offer is

MC.Eternal Lite

This server operates on version 1.3.5.

Minecraft Trillionaire

Offered is version 1.1.3.

Enigmatica 2

This server is featured.

Tekxit 3

Version 0.99 is available.

Compact Claustrophobia

The server runs on version

Ocean Outlast

Version V.52.ATL.HF can be accessed.

Pixelmon Reforged

Available is version 8.1.2.

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