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MoG Network is a popular public Minecraft server. It invites all players to join and enjoy a range of game modes including Survival, Bedwars, Practice, Minigames, and several others. Unique server cosmetics give players a distinct appearance.

As an Indian-based server, MoG aims to provide the least amount of ping for local players. Frequent in-game contests and events are held, inspiring players to strive for the top. MoG Network emphasizes the importance of players' experience with an exceptional team of staff who ensure optimum entertainment at all times.

Game Modes

At MoG Network, players get access to a variety of game modes each with unique features.

Lifesteal SMP

The Lifesteal SMP game mode includes Shop, Auction House, Bank, Jobs, Clan, Rank & kits, Skill, Heart Withdraw, Heart Craft, and Revive Beacon.


In the Survival modality, players experience a Custom world, Shop, Sethome/tp, Claims, Network cosmetics, and the thrilling Guild wars.


The server offers a mix of Mini Games such as Block Party, Bomblobbers, MiniWalls, PartyGames, Prop Hunt, Kit PVP (2 Maps), Quake, Splegg, Temple Run, TNT Run, and TNT Tag.


Bedwars game mode enthralls players with Solo, Duo, Trio & Quadro Maps, 1v1 Maps, Bridge, TNT Jump/Fireball, MLG Bucket practice, Bedwars levels, Cosmetics, Crate Keys & Mystery box, and Private Game (1hit kill, Speed, Jump boost, Emeralds in generator).


The Practice mode allows players to experience Unranked, Ranked, Premium, Bot fight and FFA, Bridge, Boxing, Sumo, Cosmetics, Tags, Crate Keys, and hints at more additions in the future.

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MoG Network
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