Welcome to Mineland Network: Dive into an Epic Game Adventure

SkyBlock: Untouched Lands Await Your Discovery

Mineland Network welcomes its players to the embrace of thrilling emotions and experiences! SkyBlock has never been reset for seven years. Become a part of intriguing quests and grand-scale warfare. Plus, the Network boasts an intricate economy system! Set up shop, commence trading, and watch as you stride towards becoming a millionaire.

The excitement doesn't end there! With our auctions, ore generators, and real-time MobArena, adventure awaits every corner in this small sky-high land.

Get Yourself Immersed in the Survival Adventures

Ever dreamed of riding a locomotive? The Mineland Network turns your dreams into reality! Navigate through Survival, claim regions and juggle between buying and selling items at your convenience. Mine resources automatically and dabble in a special feature, petblock. You could even tie the knot with your loved one here!

Build, Strategize and Establish Dominance

Lead your venture into an intense fight! Challenge players in BedWars and SkyWars, where strategic planning and resilience determine your victory. Encounter flying chests, unique to our server. After a day filled with battle, relax in our Prison RPG or manifest creativity through the BuildBattle.

Become a Part of Our Close-knit Mineland Community

Interact, Connect and Flourish with Friends

Seize the opportunity to engage with our thriving communities, available on:

  • Discord: https://mineland.net/discord/en
  • Forum: https://forum.mineland.net/

Embrace your chance at survival on a piece of land in the sky. Hop on a real steam locomotive, explore long-standing quests, and create your versions of adventure.

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Mineland Network
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