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Battle Box

An epic PvP-centric game - think capture the flag but in quick-fire rounds! Pick your specialist combat kit, unique to each map, and get ready for a fight! As a team of 4, battle it out against the other teams to fill a central capture point and win the game!

Sky Battle

Similar to Skyblockle and the classic Minecraft mini-game Skywars, Sky Battle is a fast-paced game where the last team standing wins! Starting on your team's island, move strategically, pick up loot and defeat the other players. Be careful of that border creeping in as you make your way into the centre for the final battle.

Hole in the Wall

Stay alive for as long as you can and avoid a barrage of obstacles without being pushed off the platform, while large walls of slime converge on you from all directions! Over time, walls will get speedier and the platform will crumble beneath your feet so watch your step - the last one standing wins!

To Get to the Other Side

The aim of To Get to the Other Side is obvious… get to the other side! Put your bridging skills to good use, or jump and parkour to find the best route to the end. Once you’re there, it’s time to whack that chicken! Sabotage is a part of this game, so expect plenty of chaos!

Parkour Warrior Dojo

Parkour Warrior puts jumping skills to the test! See how your parkour prowess stands up against others or beat your personal best with solo mode and daily challenges! Brave the harder branches for extra coins, or play it safe and stick to the main course- all that matters is crossing that finish line!

Parkour Warrior Survivor

Parkour Warrior Survivor is a thrilling parkour battle royale where the aim of the game is to reach the throne at the end of the course and become the parkour survivor. Dash through the course checkpoints and outrun those around you - all that matters is surviving!


Two teams of eight go head to head in this highly charged PVP game. Players must defend their territory, all the while attacking the enemy team with TNT and other fun gadgets to destroy their base and knock them into the void. The last people standing take the win!

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