LimitlessMC: Merging the Best of Minecraft and Pixelmon

Unique Server Concept

LimitlessMC is a Survival-Pixelmon server dedicated to the integration of both pixelmon and minecraft. Offering a mature, friendly, and active community, it aims to provide the optimal multiplayer environment.

Weekly Events and Tournaments

Hosting weekly events and tournaments, this server ensures an engaging gaming experience. These activities provide a platform for friendly competition and social interaction.

Challenging Gyms and Badge Progression

For players seeking a challenge in the pixelmon world, the server delivers with challenging gyms. A comprehensive badge tracking system allows players to mark their progress.

Active & Dedicated Staff

The staff at LimitlessMC is known for their commitment, continually adding new custom features, promptly addressing bugs and reducing lag wherever possible.

Join Us

To be a part of this unique server experience, join us using pixelmon version 9.1.8

About LimitlessMC Online

For more insights about the server and its custom features, visit

LimitlessMC Discord

For ongoing interaction and updates, join the community on discord.

Active Players

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Limitless Pixelmon
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  • Latest Update5/25/2024
  • Created Date10/30/2023
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