More than 4.4 million players have already played on our server! Many popular YouTubers have been playing on our network for years. Since 2012 a professional team of developers makes sure you have plenty of games to enjoy! We offer many minigames: From PVP to CityBuild!


  • CityBuild 1.13.2

  • SkyWars Ranked SkyWars, FunSkyWars und normal SkyWars

  • BedWars

  • Skyblock

  • MasterBuilders

  • PVP-Training Stickfight, MLG Rush Bridge

  • JumpLeague

  • SurvivalGames QuickSurvivalGames,1.14 SurvivalGames und normal SurvivalGames

  • Gungame

  • FFA Hardcore

  • Cores

  • EnderGames

  • Cookies

  • TTT TroubleInTerroristTown

  • Kit1vs1

  • Game1vs1

  • SpeedUHC

  • Freebuild on private servers

You can play on our server with almost any Minecraft version: We support any versions from 1.8 to 1.15.2!


Besides our many minigames we also offer you CityBuild. In large community worlds you are able to work from rags to riches by trading, create guilds and level them up, and optimize your gameplay with perks. With jobs and missions you can earn money and XP, which will over time give you access to new worlds and features.


You can even create your own clan on! You can challenge other clans in BedWars, SkyWars, Cores and SurvivalGames to prove your clans skillset. After every match, your Elo-Points will be adjusted and your ranking on our website will change.

Convince yourself and join today!

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