• Eternia

Welcome to Eternia, a Pixelmon Minecraft server where you can catch, train, and battle with your favorite Pokémon!

Explore the vast world of Minecraft and discover rare and powerful Pokémon along the way. Join forces with other trainers and battle against formidable foes and become the ultimate Pokémon Master. Join us today and start your journey to become the very best!

What do we offer? Eternia was founded for one simple reason: to provide players with the ultimate Pixelmon experience. We've achieved this by sparing no expense in developing our custom features. Currently we have: ▶ Custom Terrain (400+ biome variations all in vanilla)

▶ 100s of custom structures

▶ Very balanced economy

▶ Clans

▶ Custom Enchantments

▶ Skill Levels

▶ Gyms

▶ Events almost hosted daily including tournaments, drop parties, and more

▶ Custom pokemon spawner. We have developed a custom spawner to guarantee that all players have pokemon around them at all times.

▶ Weekly Tournaments

▶ Disguises of all Pokemon

▶ Mounts of all Pokemon

▶ Particle effects for both Players and Pokemon

▶ Pixelmon Minigames; Crane Game, Hit N Miss, Safari, Super Smash Pixelmon, & Safari

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  • Latest Update5/25/2024
  • Created Date11/8/2023
  • Server Host
  • Websiteeterniamc.net
  • Discord/fWR7PpQ