Discover the Wonders of Cobblemon Islands

Unleash Your Inner Pokemon Trainer

At Cobblemon Islands, the love for Pokemon and Minecraft intersect, offering an immersive environment that captivates both new and veteran players. This server blends the familiar charm of Pokemon with the expansive world building of Minecraft. Striking features include the Personal Cobblemon Skins System and a seasonal Battle Pass that keeps the gameplay fresh with unique events. The strategic element of the game is heightened with Ranked Battles, sure to challenge even the sharpest of trainers.

Immerse in a Dynamic Gameplay

Its innovative features just keep the excitement growing. The PokéVillage and Custom Terrain Generation offer a unique setting for your Pokemon journey. Engage in thrilling Pokemon battles in Player gyms, participate in tournaments, and let your Pokemon defend you against hostile mobs and even other Pokemon! Highly encouraging social gameplay, Cobblemon Islands allows for Breeding, Trading, and Wondertrading, making it a perfect arena for players to interact, collaborate, and compete. With its commitment to a NEVER Pay-To-Win system, this server ensures a fair battleground for all.

  • Personal Cobblemon Skins System
  • Seasonal Battle Pass & Events
  • Ranked Battles
  • Pokéhunt
  • Your Pokémon will defend you from hostile mobs & Pokémon
  • Player Gyms
  • Furniture & Cosmetics
  • Tournaments
  • Custom PokéVillage & Terrain Generation
  • Breeding, Trading, GTS, and Wondertrading
  • NEVER Pay-To-Win

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Cobblemon Islands
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