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BudgieNet is short for Budgie Network, a small network of minecraft servers based in Australia.

Currently BudgieNet provides engaging survival, skyblock, skygrid, and creative experiences.

Survival Survival is currently the main focus of the server, and is configured to provide and MMORPG style experience, with levels and skills in almost every activity.

There is also an auction house and market for players to trade, buy, and sell items.

Creative Creative provides players with 2 plots (32 x 32 each) of land to build anything they want on it. Extra plots may be purchased from the shop.

Creative can be accessed using /server Creative and hosts monthly build competitions. See our discord posts for details.

Skyblock Skyblock has been designed with a RPG style progression system.

You must complete challenges on your island to unlock more materials, gather resources on public islands, and defeat bosses to increase your rank.

SkyGrid ​SkyGrid is a world of evenly spaced blocks, randomly generated in the void. It is a challenging and exciting gamemode that will test your patience and jumping abilities.

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Budgie Network
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