Armageddon Server - A Brazilian Survival Server

Main Systems

Armageddon Server's main systems consist of /prot for build protection, mcMMO skills with /mcstats, clan systems via /clan, resource maps accessible using /resource, and a monthly clan league with prizes, /league. Also, Armageddon Server also includes a virtual server store using /sstore, player chest shops with /pstore, virtual item auctions with /ah, player marriage with /marry, player's public warp with /go, and player duels with /x1. Furthermore, custom skins can be used with /skin, and there are various daily and weekly events for enhanced player engagement.

Gameplay Improvements

The server's gameplay improvements focus on enhancing the enjoyment of its active player community. It offers features including removal of generators with a soft touch, automatic item collection with /auto, item separators using framework in the funnel, automatic inventory organization with /sort, the ability to sit on stairs and slabs with /sit, teleportation of lasso tethered mobs, and copyright protection for MapArts using /copyright.

Active Players

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  • Latest Update12/6/2023
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