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Experience the Thrilling Minecraft Universe at AppleMC

Dive Into the Gaming World With AppleMC

Experience superior gaming with AppleMC, a highly recognized Minecraft server. Holding a prominent spot among the largest servers out there, AppleMC hosts grand events on a weekly basis and conducts continuous updates to ensure an unrivaled player experience. With Version 1.8 to 1.20.1 available, AppleMC offers a broad and versatile platform for all Minecraft enthusiasts.

Engage in a Diverse Range of Games

At AppleMC, variety is a staple. Participate in an array of games like SMP, Earth SMP, Lifesteal, Bedwars, FFA, that foster infinite fun and prove to be an enduring source of entertainment.

Connect and Bond With a Thriving Community

A part of AppleMC's charm is the strong social connection it enables. By joining AppleMC, not only can you dive deep into the expansive world of Minecraft, but also meet new people, form bonds, and create lasting memories. To start this ultimate gaming journey, connect with us at play.applemc.fun.

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  • Latest Update6/23/2024
  • Created Date10/22/2023
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  • Websiteapplemc.fun
  • Discord/applemc