ÆSİR MC: A Java and Bedrock Compatible Server

A Unique Blend of Survival and Faction

At ÆSİR MC, we offer a unique blend of Survival and Faction, combined with Parkur and Clan Battles.

Exciting PvP and PvE Features

Our server boasts features such as special PvP and PvE bosses, adding an extra thrill to the gaming experience.

Exclusive TexturePack for Server

In ÆSİR MC, players can explore with a server-exclusive texture pack, providing a unique look to their journey.

A Forest for You to Harvest

Enjoy an immersive experience with harvestable forests, challenging your survival skills.

Lengthy Mines for a More Challenging Game

We offer extensive mines in ÆSİR MC, presenting an exciting challenge to players.

Special Items from New Mobs

Expect special items dropping from new mobs, introducing elements of surprise in the gameplay.

Rank System Based on Mythology

Experience an interesting twist with our rank system, inspired by mythology.

More to Explore

There are various other features to explore and enjoy in ÆSİR MC.

Earn Different Crate Keys by Inviting Friends to Our Discord Server

Invite your friends to our Discord server to get a chance to earn different crate keys.

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