An Alternative Minecraft Anarchy Server: 0b0t

Historical Background

Established in 2016, 0b0t is a Minecraft anarchy server. It presents a viable alternative to the well-known server 2b2t, without the burden of long queues.

Rules and Gameplay

In terms of regulations, it has essentially none. Hacks, explicit language, raiding, and everything else is permissible. Gameplay on the server features a vanilla survival format, equipped with only a soft anti-cheat feature and teleportation outside the spawn area.

Intrusive Owners

The owners rarely interfere. This ensures that player creations are showcased throughout the server.

Community Involvement

0b0t is renowned for its active mapart making community and the pleasant nature of its players. The community readily offers up equipment to newcomers.

Changes Over Time

The server has seen several ownership transitions throughout its history. However, the current map of 0b0t is based on the map from July 2016.

Active Players

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